Program Supervision

As a Senior Therapist I personally work one on one in your home. After talking with you and an assessment of your child's skills I set up a curriculum of ABA programs specific to your child's needs. I will meet with your child and therapist once every two weeks to observe, go over progress and update the program and discuss any other behavioural issues. I provide Program Supervision, and Dr. Jeff Sherman provides Clinical Supervision to families who have hired their own Instructors to run an in-home Intensive Behavioural Intervention Programs under the direct funding option (DFO).

The frequency of my visits to your homes depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the number of hours your child participates in therapy, the contract guidelines, and the speed by which your child masters programs. Dr. Jeff Sherman, Clinical Psychologist, currently provides Clinical Supervision to our families who are in receipt of The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) funding.

The following service description applies to families who are approved for funding through the OAP and overseen by their local Regional Service Provider, TPAS / CEAP / Kinark, are already receiving funding through the Autism Initiative.

Responsibilities of the Senior Therapist and Psychologist include:

  • Teaching specific skills to the family-hired Instructor such that he/she can accurately implement an Applied Behaviour Analytic program and keep necessary behavioural data to track the child's progress
  • Providing the necessary written programs and program materials
  • Ensuring that the Instructor is implementing all programs and procedures with excellent treatment integrity
  • Consulting with parents and other mediators to ensure generalization of the child's skills outside of structured teaching times
  • Teaching the Instructor(s) how to graph behaviour acquisition and maintenance data, either by hand or using Microsoft Excel
  • Submitting to the Ministry via your local Regional Provider the required documentation every three months (updated behavioural plans, budget plans, invoices, etc.)

Families Receiving Other Forms of Funding

Many charitable foundations offering funding to children diagnosed with autism require monetary accountability and regular progress reports in order to qualify for and maintain approved funding for ABA autism therapy treatment. I am happy to provide any required documentation and provide on-going progress reports of your child's programming at no extra cost.

Post ABA Funding Programming

I will also provide programming for parents who have exited the ABA funding model and want their child to continue receiving ABA therapy. This will help your child to continue their learning in a proven environment. I will also work on goals that were not targeted in the ABA funded program but will help the behavioural, social and communication quality of life for your child and your family.

Consulting with Professionals Working With Your Child

I consult with schools and other professionals such as speech and occupational therapists, teacher's assistants and teacher's. Knowledge gained will be integrated into the programming and information will be shared to ensure continuity in programming.