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We have received service from Mary for almost 6 years. Mary's credentials, program composition and the ability to accommodate the particular needs of our son continue to be demonstrated time and time again. Her dedication, personal attention and care are a huge factor in the many successes our son has achieved. She is always as excited as we are about his accomplishments. Mary is a true advocate well beyond the therapy environment. She cares about our son and her individualized program compositions incorporate all aspects of his life including: academics, short-term goals, life skills and long-term goals. There is always an open and regular line of communication. Mary actively listens to our ideas that we have based on our and our sons needs and incorporates these ideas into his programming. ?Our son is happy, fun loving and finally has the ability to communicate with us and others. He has made tremendous progress in his behavior and academics.
Thank you Mary!

The Thompson Family, Courtice